Kuwait Concours d’Elegance

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nasser AlMohammad AlAhmad AlJaber AlSabah, Kuwait Concours d'Elegance was held to be the first Concours d'Elegance that is organized in the Middle East by Kuwait Historical, Vintage & Classic Car Museum in 2010, to celebrate a decade since the first car reach the shores of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf Area in 1910. 

It took place at one of the best locations in Kuwait - The Marina Crescent - on the Arabian Gulf, with its great golden sand beaches, amazing city skyline view and vitality of in reach restaurants & cafés.


Since it's first edition, Kuwait became the Classic Car Capital of the Middle east, and linked Kuwait to the International Classic Car Community, as it attracted the attention of major international and regional car collectors to compete for the title and win the approval of one of the reputed Judging Committee.



It is a fantastic opportunity to share the passion between car owners, enthusiast and the public. It gave the Middle East car enthusiast a chance to see some of the world most exciting classic cars, and it gave the world to see the amazing classic cars in the region.

It is an exclusive event that is open to public, as participation at the event is by invitation only. The organizing committee hand-selects some of the best classic cars from around the world to participant. The event is open to public, to attend and learn about the history of automotive and its great art, it is a learning experience and a live exhibition.

Guest from all over the Middle East and the World have attended the last edition of the KCdE, from VIP's to Country officials, Heads of Motorsport to Classic car collectors and True Automotive Passionate.


About the Museum

The Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum of Kuwait first opened in October, 2010. The opening of its doors was the culmination of many men’s dreams – that Kuwait would once again stand at the head of the region’s classic car community and be able to share with the world its rich cultural traditions and heritage within the automobile sector. The main aim of establishing the museum was to document and to provide a focus for the history of Kuwait and the automobile, and to connect current and future generations to their past. For the founders of the museum, it has many aims, but the main goal is to secure the preservation of vehicles linked with Kuwait history, and with key events in the nation’s past

About the Concours d’Elegance

The Concours d’Elegance is a competition for luxury, elegant and classic cars that competes for best design, engineering and beauty. It all started in the world capital of culture and city of art – Paris during the seventeen century, when aristocratic families where showing there glamorous carriages in Paris gardens, and then parade with the winning ones. With the great progress in transportation, the Concours continued to have elegant cars competing especially with the increase passion to own the most luxurious and beautiful cars


Kuwait Concours d’Eleganc 2015

The Kuwait Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum is organizing the Kuwait Concours d’Elegance 2015 to take place from 11th to 14th February 2015 under the patronage of the His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah.




Muscle Cars

20 American Muscle Cars will be fighting to get the “Best of Muscle” title for this year as well, an amazing examples of these monsters will be competing in this years compaction and they all from Kuwait.




Kuwait Concours D’Elegance Registration is coming soon, for more information, Click here

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