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Sabah Al-Ahmad Naval City

This project is considered to be one of the leading experiences in the history of the State of Kuwait as the first integrated city to be fully established by the private sector. The center of the city shall include a group of diversified services. Educational services for example shall host branches for the Public Authority for Applied Education, Kuwait University and private colleges with the total area of 72.60 hectares. 



Health services shall include a public hospital, a specialized health centre and medical clinics on the total area of 17.33 hectares. Religious services in the city shall be served through Sabah Al-Ahmed Islamic Centre including a mosque capacitating 20000 persons, in addition to a library, a celebration hall, a center for family development, a center for the Holy Quran, Hadith, and an Amiri suite for religious celebrations and occasions, on the total value of 19.92 hectares.



Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad's Hospital

This hospital is one of the most important projects being executed to carry the name of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. After completion, it will become the largest medical center in the State of Kuwait to provide medical services to South Surrah and its surroundings whose population amount to about 600k.



The design of the Jaber Al-Ahmed Hospital was meant to be elegant to express his superior position in the society. It was also noted that the building be of a visually unique appearance to add value to its surrounding residential areas.

The hospital includes four buildings, with the total area of 469370 square meters, providing all types of medical services and the latest medical equipment and devices. The hospital encompasses 36 small and large operation rooms, four cardiac catheterization laboratories, four labs for magnetic resonance imaging, and the largest center for injuries in the Middle East.
The hospital further includes meeting rooms that can be used for holding seminars and conferences in different scientific activities. It also provides a crescent shaped 30 meters long medical market for selling general medical staff, located between the patients’ area and the medical facilities.

The State of Kuwait is keen that Jaber Al-Ahmed Hospital provides high standard medical services to the residents of the area. It will provide a comprehensive treatment program meant to enhance health and well being of the current and future generations in the State of Kuwait.



Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port

The Bobyan Naval Port (Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port) is one of the largest and most important projects of the development plan performed by the Ministry of Public Works to form the core of regional transportation system that support Kuwait development plans. The project shall participate in the economic and commercial opening of the country to the world, in addition to supporting the transportation and border crossing points. It shall also be one of the main elements of achieving the Amiri desire of transforming the State of Kuwait into an international commercial and financial hub.

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The structural plan of the project aims at the establishment of a main naval port with the capacity of 60 anchorages to be a main pivot for regional transportation, connecting sea with land in several means of transportation like fast motorways and railways, in order to enhance the position of Kuwait as an important center for regional economic activities.
After its establishment, Mubarak Al-Kabeer naval port shall represent a quantum leap in the field of transit trade, and an important point step toward returning back to the revival of Al-Hareer Road through the Kuwaiti gate in the north side of the Gulf.



Expansion and Development of Kuwait International Airport

Airport development projects, which cope with the vision of His Highness the Amir to transform the State of Kuwait into a financial and trade hub, represent the contribution of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to the governmental efforts in this concern. The objectives of these projects are: 




First: Developing the infrastructure of the airport, including the runways, corridors, and hangars for receiving all types of commercial planes, including the new giant generation (E-380), in addition to establishing a third runway with advanced international specifications for receiving all types of airplanes, pursuant to the specifications of the International Organization for Civil Aviation.

Second: Increasing the capacity of the airport from 7 million passengers currently to over 20 million via the establishment of the new passengers' building.

Third: Activating and increasing the volume of air freight in Kuwait International Airport from 600 thousand tons to 6 million tons per year, and upgrading the capacity of the airport to host a minimum of 70 airfreights of the new giant generation.It is worth mentioning that the projects of developing and expanding Kuwait International Airport are built on detailed studies performed in coordination with international consultants to cope with the increasing movement in the airport resulting from the governmental adoption of open sky policy.



Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge Project

The project of Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed is considered as one of the most important projects that carry the name of the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed. It includes the execution of a marine bridge that connects Kuwait City with the new Sabbiya city, shortening the distance between them from 104km to 37.5 km..




The project includes the design and building works of two marine bridges, Al-Sabbiya Connection Bridge, the main bridge, and Al-Doha Connection Bridge. The project further includes the establishment of two artificial islands (northern and southern) with the total area of about 30 hectare each, containing buildings for traffic and emergency services, in addition to bridge maintenance monitoring authorities, a fuel station and an anchor for boats.




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